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Digital Showroom & Livestream Changelog

See the latest updates and developments to Digital Showroom and Livestream Events.


SMS Reminder for Showrooms/Livestreams - When setting up a digital showroom or livestream event, you can allow their viewers to send a reminder of the upcoming event via text. 
Download Chat History - You can now download chat history from viewers after a Livestream/Digital Showroom! Just navigate into Assistant Mode then click the download option to collect the csv file.


Search Through Chat - This allows users an easier way to search through messages in a Livestream/Digital Showroom via Assistant Mode. The Assistant can then reply publicly or privately to a message, pin the message, delete, or block the user. See link for more instructions.


Message rate limiting for chat in assistant mode - Now have the option to reduce the amount that visitors can chat in a livestream/showroom event. This will help to deter those spammer type messages that overpopulate a message feed, improving the shopper experience!  See link.

Auto-Display the Newest Livestream/Showroom in a Playlist - Now the newest livestream/showroom will appear automatically first in a playlist. 

3/27/24 - 

Horizontal Support - Allow users to leverage external streaming software to present a horizontal view within our player. You are able to upload a horizontal trailer, poster, and the floating player in player will display in horizontal format. 

*Note: External streaming software only. 

1080p Video Support - Support higher quality 1080p for livestreams and showrooms!

* External media only currently. 


Recurring Showroom - Allows users to schedule showrooms (either live, latest replay or a specific replay) on a recurring basis, similar to a recurring event in Google calendar.


  1. Custom User Name Options - Now offer the option to configure usernames when a visitor does not create one. You may select from different options listed. 
      1. From the Business Portal, navigate to Settings from the Video section.
      2. Click Edit, then choose an option from Username format and Save

Update to username format

example of change

See an example  on the right using "Electronic" as the option.