Multi-Pin Products in livestream

Super size customer engagement with your products by adding up to 3 pins at a time during your livestream event.

Pin products two ways: 

  1. Assistant Mode in the Business Portal
  2. Firework Camera App (iOS and Android 1.4.0)

Multi-Pin Products from the Camera App

  1. Go Live with the Camera App, and then tap the Screen Shot 2022-10-18 at 7.44.16 PM icon to pull up the product drawer. 
  2. Tap Pin More to turn on Multi-Pin Mode. 
  3. Select the product(s) to highlight, and then tap the Pin button.
  4. Pull up the product drawer again, and tap the pin icon to remove products.
    Note: You can select "Clear pin" to remove all products. 

IMG_8830. IMG_8832. IMG_8833

Multi-Pin Products from Assistant Mode (Web) 

  1. Enter Assistant Mode from the Business Portal. 
  2. Toggle “Multi Pin Mode” to On
  3. Click the pin icon to add/remove products in the livestream. 

The product pins will flow in and out of both the Camera App and livestream event in real time. 

Camera App                                        

Customer facing event on desktop computer

multi-pin cust facing