One-to-One Virtual Shopping Changelog

See the latest updates and developments to One-to-One Virtual Shopping.


Team Dashboard - Offer real time insight for managers to see when your agents go online and at what time. Team view one to one

Settings Updates - Made adjustments to the options for setting up your One to One widget. See our article here


Multi-Chat - Allow Agents to start multiple chat threads and keep an active inbox for visitors they've recently engaged with. See link here. 

Capacity Setting - Underneath Settings, you can set a capacity on the widget, once the waitlist reaches a certain point.  You can then choose to show a "agent is occupied message", a scheduling link or hide the widget automatically once the limit is reached.

capacity setting on one to one


Live Feed Support in SA App - Agents are able to subscribe to and manage feeds via the mobile app. SA Mobile App Live Feeds


Calendly Scheduling - Link your Calendly to the Scheduling option for a shopper to open up into your Calendly booking page. calendly scheduler


File upload - Support file uploads from both the Agent and the visitor in a chat! To see  more visit the instructions here.

Scheduling - Display an option for a visitor to schedule a future callback (leveraging a link out option). You then can use your callback choice to connect with the visitor however you'd like. This

This can be set up in the Settings page under Integrations.

Linked out calendar One to One 


  1. Sales Agent Mobile App - Now agents can leverage our mobile app to support chats and calls while on the move! See instructions here on how to do so.  
  2. Live Feeds - Updated design to One-to-One Workspace. Now support list views which can be preconfigured to display specific views by categories such as:
  • URL Pattern = specific pdp, search term?
  • Device type
  • Geo location - IP based

For instructions on how to set up, please see here. 


Missed Call Label - Now display a missed call label when a visitor calls and no agent responds. This will display until an agent engages in a conversation with the visitor or the visitor leaves the site. missed call in one to one


Block Visitor - On the visitor detail page, you will have the option to block and unblock visitors. When a visitor is blocked, they will be moved to the bottom of the feed and their profile will appear greyed out. Blocked visitors will not trigger any notifications for calls or messages.


Waitlist - When a visitor contacts the agent, they will be put on a waitlist where they will see which line in the queue they are in until connected with an agent.  The changes are listed below:

  • When a visitor fully clicks open the widget, a message will display in the chat telling them they are in queue:

waitlist queue

  • If the visitor minimizes the one-to-one widget, then a number will display for their queue:

  • Once connected to an Agent, a message appears saying “You are connected to agent [name]” and the call or chat will begin! 


Agent Icon - When sending out a proactive text message, an image of the Agent will appear next to the message.

Agent profile image

To set this up, add your image via the "Profile" in the Business Portal. Instructions can be found here.


Notifications Bar = From the visitor detail view, you now have a way to see incoming texts or calls directly at the top of the page. What will display:

  • Single Incoming Text Message = A guest ID and an option to go directly into the chat. single message incoming
  • Single Incoming Call = A  guest ID and an option to go directly into the call.single incoming call
  • Multiple Incoming Text Messages or Calls = A view  option displays which takes the Agent back to the full Customer list. multiple notifications

**If in an active session, you will be asked to end the session before jumping over to the new visitor. 

**If another SA accepts the incoming conversation before you do, then you will see a message appear preventing you from switching over as another Agent has entered the conversation.


  • New message preview design =Small, more authentic (we will use the agent’s avatar) and added the “online now” element.
  • Online indicator on widget = added a green dot on the widget cover to indicate agents are currently online.
    online now


  • Clickable Link = URLs that are sent by text in a chat are now clickable by customers. 
  • Entry Points = Able to configure One-to-One Virtual Shopping anywhere such as, a CTA, an email CTA, a short video, or even an Ad CTA. See link here for more details.


  • One-to-One Virtual Shopping Visibility Toggle = The One-to-One Virtual Shopping  widget will only trigger to appear when the Sales Agent has indicated they are online by toggling the online status to ON. Toggling OFF, will hide the 1:1 widget.


  • Typing Indicator = Sales Agent will see if the other side is currently typing which a “...” will appear as shown below:visitor typing
  • Visual Hints on the Visitor List = An emoji 🐔appears next to Guest Name to to make it easier to scan and find the same person, same as the guest ID, the emojis are the same each time to the same guest.11 emoji indicator
  • Message Wiggle = When the Sales Agent sends a message, the message preview will wiggle after a certain amount of time to catch customers' attention.