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Leverage the One-to-One Sales Agent App

Learn how to engage visitors with One to One Virtual Shopping using the Firework Camera App.

As an Agent Navigating the Camera App

  1. First, ensure you have download the Firework Camera App to your mobile device and connected your account. (Google Store Link, Apple Store Link)
  2. In the Firework Camera App, click on Content and then click into the 1:1 icon. You should see your One-to-One workspace here display, then can click into this.access 1to1 dashboard in app 
  3.  Enabling the toggle in the top right will show you as visible in the widget on your website. Then you will see the Feeds you are subscribed to, so you may engage in conversations with visitors.
    Widget visibility status
    • If you ever need to subscribe to more feeds, then you may do so by clicking Manage Feeds and search for existing feeds to subscribe to.
  4. You may then choose to enter a chat or call, or receive chats/calls as they appear!
    • Tapping into a visitor allows you to view the co-browsing view on their screen. Using two fingers on the screen will allow you to zoom in or minimize the window. Using one finger allows you to scroll around the Visitor's view. zooming in and out of app
  5. During a call, you may also minimize your window, reverse your camera, and chat at the same time.
    camera options
    1. Additionally, you may swipe left to navigate back to the Visitor's view. This will place your camera in a player in player mode allowing you to see what the visitor is viewing. 
       PIP mode SA App
  6. When finished, end the call or chat conversation. 

Incoming calls will also trigger a push notification directly to your mobile device. Be sure to enable your notification settings.