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Live Feeds for One-to-One Virtual Shopping

Learn how to subscribe and interact with Live Feeds in the One to One Workspace.

With this updated design to One-to-One Workspace, we now support list views which can be preconfigured to display specific views by categories such as:

  • URL Pattern = specific pdp, search term
  • Device type
  • Geo location = IP based

Note: This must be enabled on your account before using. For assistance enabling, please view the following steps under "Add User Segments and Feeds"

How to Use Live Feeds:

  1. First, from your One-to-One Workspace, subscribe to your feeds. Click Add Feeds at the top right.
  2. A list of all preconfigured feeds will display. Once you click Add, then you will see the different segmented list views.
    1. Hovering your cursor over a visitor will pop open the live preview of their browser.
    2. You may click into them to view their visitor details as well. 
      Live feeds preview
  3. To subscribe to a feed, click the three dots then choose “Subscribe”. Now that you are subscribed, you will get notifications of incoming messages and calls specific to this list view.
    1. If you ever need to unsubscribe from a list, you can do so by selecting the three dots and clicking “Unsubscribe”

Note: Based on your access, you have the different options to do the following:

  • Admin:
    • Full access to everything.
  • Member:
    • Cannot edit or remove segments or feed that are not created by this member.
    • Cannot set a feed as global for all users.
    • Cannot change any widget settings.