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Multi-Chat with One to One Virtual Shopping

Learn how to open multiple conversations with visitors on your website.

How to View Your Inbox

  1. From your One to One Workspace, click into the Inbox icon. This is your Inbox, where you will see those visitors where you have engaged in an active conversation
    1. For visitors to appear, start a session with a visitor through a chat or call. 
    2. Only you can see your inbox as an Agent.Inbox and start and session
  2. Clicking on a visitor will open a chat window, allowing you to text them directly. When they respond, a red notification will appear. 
    1. You can have up to 2 active chats open at a time.
  3. Selecting the minimize icon will minimize the window/ Selecting the exit icon will end the chat. If a visitor is calling, selecting the call icon will go straight into a call. 
  4. Minimizing the chat and entering into a callIf you need to view more details on the viewer, click into the expand icon which will take you to the visitor details page. view visitor details in multichat
  5. Clicking  on the filter view will give you a focused view of the open conversations. Multichat filter


  • After an agent picks up a visitor, they will no longer be visible in the visitor feed to prevent other agents from contacting them.
  • Agents can have multiple chat conversations with visitors, but not multiple simultaneous calls.
  • If the visitor is offsite, the Agent will not be able to message them. 
  • Conversation ends after 10 minutes of inactivity.