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Add a One-to-One Virtual Shopping Entry Point For Off Website Use

Learn how to configure different Entry Points for One-to-One Virtual Shopping.

Prerequisite: Ensure the live.helper.js script is added to your website before continuing. Instructions linked here as a reminder.

Entry Point allows you to configure the One-to-One Virtual Shopping widget wherever you'd like to guide a  visitor directly to a chat or call on your website!

Adding an Entry Point 

  1. Copy the URL directly from a page where the One-to-One Virtual Shopping is displaying.Copy URL
  2. At the end of the URL, add one of the following options found below:
  • Show Only: Show the One-to-One Virtual Shopping to click into a call or chat.
  • Call: Starts a call using the One-to-One Virtual Shopping.
  • Chat: Starts a chat using the widget.

3.    Insert this new URL Entry Point into a location for a visitor to then click to be routed directly to the One-to-One Virtual Shopping. 

Entry Point Examples


Insert an Entry Point as an in-video CTA to be clicked from a Firework Video. 

    entry point video

    Email CTA:

    Insert an Entry Point into an Email outreach/campaign  for the shopper to click and navigate to.

    entry point email


    Insert an Entry Point into an Ad for the shopper to click and navigate to.

    entry point advertising

    Text message/SMS:

    Insert Entry Point link into a message for the shopper to click and navigate to. 

    Have a developer team and are looking for customizable options with the widget or other integration alternatives? Follow our developer documentation here.