Business Portal Changelog

See the latest visual and feature updates to our CMS below!


Display the number of videos per Channel - Now show a quick view of how many overall videos are displayed within your account. 

Playlist Editing - Able to check off and select other playlists with ease when editing a short video.


IG Hashtag Importer - Allow users to upload and search from UGC or creator content across Instagram and import these media files into the business portal. See more here.


Short Video Details View -  Has been updated to provide a simpler format for the editable options on the right hand side. Additionally, we added quick access to new channels to add and upload videos or import from Instagram!

Edit video details view updated

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1.  Animated poster = You will be able to select time frame from the Short Video/ trailer, or upload a photo/video as your static or animated poster.
This will apply to:
  • Short Video create and edit
  • Livestream (Trailer) create and edit
  • Camera App / CMS kit (Android/ iOS)
  • Player SDK and Digital Showroom (coming soon!)
2. Add Channel button is removed from the header (CMS) = We moved the add channel button from the header into the channel selector and the channel selector