Leverage Firework Videos in Shop App

Learn how to send Firework Short Videos to your Shop App in less than 3 minutes!

In order to leverage the Shop App, you must connect your Shopify account to the Business Portal. 

  1. Ensure you've downloaded the Firework App in Shopify and connected your store. 
  2. Within the Business Portal, create a playlist. Ensure your playlist videos are supporting a product interaction which will be passed over to Shopify, 
  3. Select Add to Shop App
  4. Select your Shopify Store to display on the Shop App, then choose Publish (for any additional playlist, be sure to click Publish each time. Note: you can only have one playlist at a time published to the Shop App). 

The playlist with your videos will then appear within your Shop Mini.

Helpful tips to remember:

  • Carousal Layout is the only playlist layout supported.
  • Only a maximum of 10 Product Interactions are acceptable on a single video.
  • Product interactions only. Shop App does not support Polls, Buttons, or Question interactions.
  • Choose from only 1 Shopify store. The Shop App does not support products from multiple stores.
  • Shop App shows no more than 6 videos in video collections at the store page or PDP.
  • Shop App does not support Livestreams or Showrooms.