Navigate the Firework Business Portal

Learn more about navigating the Firework Business Portal

The Firework Business Portal is the hub for all of your content and where you can manage your business as it relates to your Firework content. Read on for tips on navigating the Business Portal.

In the navigation menu on the left-hand side of the Business Portal, you'll see several menu headers.

Note: Some of the options below appear based on your account access. Connect with your Account Manager if you want to enable a feature not visible. 

Navigation Menu


Click the Video header on the left side of the navigation menu, then click the drop-down icon beside the channel to view all of the channels that you've set up in your Firework account. Using channels is a way to separate your content and stores based on different brands/functions within your business.

Click each Channel to access that channel's video library, including short videos and to setup livestream events. You can also manage your content.

To access the Stores, Showrooms, and Settings for a particular channel, be sure you've clicked the intended Channel 


Under the Stores header, you can add multiple stores to your Firework account. Within these stores, you can:

  • Click Products to add products to your store.
  • Click Import Products to import or sync products to your store.
  • Click Manage to select and delete items from the store
  • Click Payments to view product purchases and update your store payment settings.
  • Click Store Details to edit details about your store.


Select the showroom tab followed by +New Showroom . You can create a digital showroom by following the steps How to setup digital showroom.

1:1 Video Chat

Select to showcase the One to One Workspace. For further guidance navigating follow our navigating the One to One Workspace

AI Virtual Assistant

Select to view your products with AI Virtual Assistant (AVA) assigned. See our steps to further navigate and set up AVA per your products


Team Members: You can add members to access your Firework Business Portal as well as update member permissions. For help on updating your member settings, see Add Members to Your Firework Business Portal

Payment: Monitor your product purchases and manage your payment settings.

Edit Business: Adjust your business name, website, and email address.

Language: Adjust the language in which you want Firework to display.

Support: View our help center and developer documentation for assistance.

Live Chat: Connect in real time with one of our support associates. 

Business Apps

Connect to the Firework Apps for your Shopify store or your WordPress Site.

Main Page


The Videos tab is where you can upload and manage your content. This includes uploading short videos, setting up livestream events, and creating playlists and playlist collections.


Under the Insights tab, you can view various performance metrics for your video. The highlights page will show you the top metrics for your content. You can also export this data by clicking the purpleExport Buttonexport button.


Now that you know your way around the Business Portal, you can customize the way it looks.

  1. Click on the Settings tab.
  2. Below Appearance, click Edit.
    Screenshot 2024-02-12 at 8.28.46 PM
    • You can adjust the Primary color of your Business Portal to match your primary brand color by entering the 6-digit hexadecimal designation for your primary brand color.
    • You can choose to change the Button font color of the text on the buttons to either black or white.
    • You can change your Thumbnail Corner style, or the shape of the frames for carousel and grid video embeds, to be either rounded or hard (square).
    • You can also change the size of any Call to Action buttons that appear on your videos by clicking Large or Small.
    • Under Livestream settings you have the option to add a custom Unicode character. This personalized character will be substituted to represent the content that does not comply with your established censorship restrictions.
    • You can choose the category in which you would like the usernames to appear during the livestream.
    • You can add the terms and condition 
  3. Click Save.

Dynamic content

  1. Use Dynamic content to render playlists for targeted audiences.To create a cohort, simply enter the necessary information such as the cohort name, category, country, target audience, and playlist.
  2. Click Save 
  3. Click on the Generate Tag to select your desired playlist layout as well as your desired parameters
  4. Copy paste the code