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Setup and Display AI Virtual Assistant (AVA)

Learn how to set up your AVA and build their knowledge around your products!

Prerequisite: Work with your Account representative to help enable AVA as part of your plan. Additionally, be sure to previously set up your store and add products to the Business Portal. 

Build your AVA and Upload Products

  1. Select AI Video Assistant from the toolbar in the Business Portal.
  2. Select Add New Product.
    AVA dashboard - Add product
  3. Select the virtual assistant for your product and click Next.
  4. Select your Store and choose which product you want to use AVA for, then click Create. (You may only select one product at a time)

Provide AVA With Resource and Product Knowledge

You will then be navigated to the AVA details page. Click Add to upload a Video, Text or File. 

  1. Video:
    add video to AVA upload
    1. Easily add your video files by dragging and dropping, or selecting from your device.
    2. Enter the video Title. Enter in a Description = this is where you should enter the question the audience will ask so as to train AVA to pull up this relevant video. 
    3. Toggle Use Original Audio to On to provide the original audio for this video. Otherwise AVA will talk over the video if a response is provided.
    4. Once the video is uploaded and information is added, select Add Video.   
  2. Plain Text:AVA text response
    1. Title = this section serves as the question the user will ask. 
    2. Unstructured Text = this will be the answer that AVA will refer to.
  3. File:add file AVA
    1. AVA will provide a reference link
    2. Drag or click to upload a file. It must be a PDF only.