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Upload Short Videos in the Firework Business Portal

You can upload a short video in Firework's Business Portal quickly in several steps.

Add a Short a Video

Complete the Video Details

Safe Zone Specifications

Add a Short Video 

  1. Navigate to the Firework Business Portal.
  2. For a new channel you can directly upload video from your computer or import one from Instagram. To import videos from Instagram, you can follow the instructions outlined here. Screenshot 2024-02-14 at 6.33.00 PM
  3. To add videos to your existing collection, simply click on "Add Content" and then select "Upload Video" from the options located in the upper-right corner of the screen.
    Add content

Videos can be between 3 and 60 seconds in length, have a ratio of 9:16, and have a maximum file capacity of 100 MB. Short videos of the MP4 and MOV format are supported.

Complete the Video Details:

  1. Click Click to Upload to select the short video file to upload or drag and drop here to upload.
  2. Type the caption for your short video in the Caption field. The caption, or title of your video, must be 100 characters or less.
  3. Type the hashtags that you want to attach to your video, you can add upto 10 hashtags and then click Enter
  4. Badge = shows "Ad" in small text indicating if this video is an ad.
  5. Click the drop-down menu next to "Poster" to expand the section. Click Add a new Poster. 
    updated poster

  6. Choose the "Scheduled upload" option and specify the date and time when you want to make the video available to the public.
  7. Click the drop-down menu next to Subtitles/CC and upload any relevant .vtt file for closed captioning along with the language associated. To enable closed captioning, simply click on the checkbox labeled " Closed Captioning."Screenshot 2024-02-14 at 5.43.58 PM
  8. You can use the "Add to playlist" feature to easily add the video directly to your preferred playlist. You can also select multiple playlists for your video, and it will be automatically added to all the playlists you have chosen.
  9. The visibility settings allow you to select who can see your short video.
    • By selecting Only You, the video will stay private and will only be visible to you.
    • By selecting Unlisted, the video will only be viewable to those whom you share the link to the short video with. While you can still embed the short video in an email or a website, the video is not searchable in the Firework library.
    • By selecting Public, the video will be published and will be visible by the public. 
10.   To restrict access to the video and make it viewable only by authorized viewers,               click on the "Lock Video" option and enter an access code. This ensures that                   only those with the access code will be able to watch the video.

Add a Video Overlay

  1. To add other ways for customers to engage with your short video, select Video Overlays


    • Click Product card. You can include product information for products included in your Firework store. You may also be able to have the customer add the product directly to their cart and purchase it all within this product card. You also have the option to filter and organize the products by name or price.Then, click Add.
    • Click Link Button (CTA) to enter a Call to Action in the video. This is one way to encourage your customers to interact with your video. Select from list of call to action in the drop-down menu. Insert the link in the Insert link... field. Then, click Add.
    • Click Poll to overlay a poll on your short video. Enter the poll question in the Your question here box followed by entering the answer choices in each Choice box (e.g., Choice 1, Choice 2). Click +Add Choice to add up to five total choices. Then, click Add.
    • Click Question Card to engage with your customers and collect information. Type the question you want to ask the viewers of your short video. You can also toggle the Collect responder's email button to ON to prompt the viewer to enter their email address after answering your question. Then, click Add.

11.   Click Create to publish your video.

Once your video is published or scheduled, you can still edit your video. Locate your video in the Firework Business Portal, click in the upper right hand corner of your video, and click Edit. After you've made your edits, click Save & Update.

Safe Zone Specifications

It's important to follow the 'safe zone' guidelines below for your videos to ensure that important parts of your video, such as the title and your brand logo, aren't obscured by video controls, buttons, or product cards.

    Livestream   720x1280 - v2    

            Livestream Guideline                       Short Video Guideline         


  • Vertical: 9:16 ≥720*1280px 
  • Vertical: 4:5 ≥633*375px