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Import Videos with TikTok Importer

Learn how to import videos from your TikTok accounts into the Business Portal using Firework's TikTok Importer.

Import Videos from Tiktok URL

  1. Navigate to Add Videos, Choose the TikTok Importer option from the dropdown menu.
  2. Enter the URLs of the TikTok videos you want to import. You can add up to 10 links at a time. Check the box to agree to the Terms & Conditions and then click the Import button to finish the process.

  3. Once the import process is complete, you have the option to customize the title, and include additional hashtags (up to 50). Additionally, you can select your store and add your product interactions.  After you’ve updated these, select Upload.

  4. You then have the option to add the media directly to a  Playlist and determine the Visibility. After that, select Publish and the videos will import into the Business Portal!
  • To edit or include any other interactions, you must navigate to the individual video after publishing and make the necessary changes.