Simulcast Your Livestream Event

Five easy steps to use the Multi-stream feature to stream to a social media platform.

You can air your livestream on your embedded page and also simulcast it to our connected social media platforms. Please follow these steps: 

  1. On the Livestream Event page, select the "Multi-stream" tab.
  2. Click the social media platform icon where you want to simulcast.
    Simulcast set up
  3. Follow the steps to set-up the event. 
  4. Obtain the Stream/Server URL and Stream key from the social media platform and enter them on the Multi-stream page in the Firework Business Portal.
  5. Then Go Live. Be sure to end your event in the Business Portal and social media platform then you are done! 

For help setting up a simulcast of your Livestream Event on a specific social media platform, see: