Set Up Your Livestream Event

Learn how to create a new Livestream Event.

Looking to set up a digital showroom instead? See here.

Now, it's time to set up a Livestream Event. 

  1. Navigate to the Business portal , click on Add videos and select Create Livestream Event

  2. Choose the type of event and provide the title, description, date, and time for your livestream. You can also upload an event trailer this will show your audience what to expect from your livestream 

  3. Enter the Primary URL for the livestream. This is the page on which you'll be embedding the Livestream Event.
    • If you have other websites that add this stream to their channel, this URL will direct any users who click on the poster to the included URL. This ensures that your analytics will be consolidated, and any products will be purchased from your store.
  4. Choose the Trailer overlay for the event trailer to add a CTA or product card to your livestream trailer.
    • Email Reminder: Shoppers can enter their email and request reminders before the event. 
    • CTA: The CTA, or Call to Action, is a button that requests users click it. By entering a link in the RSVP field, users will be able to click it and RSVP to the livestream event.
    • Product Card: If you have a store linked to your Firework account, you can include the product information here in the Livestream Event trailer (see Import Products from Your OMS to Your Firework Account). Select your store in the Store drop-down menu, select the product(s) you want to add by clicking the checkbox next to the product(s), and click Add.Trailer overlays
  5. Under Hashtags, enter the hashtags that you want to attach to your video. Remember, hashtags are meta tags that are added to videos to group them into campaigns, topics, or reports. 
  6. Under Poster, you can upload a customized photo -- in 9x16 for vertical format or a 16:9 for horizontal format -- that will be the thumbnail for your Livestream Event video. Otherwise, Firework has a default poster that will appear as your thumbnail.
  7. Under Custom Blocklist, you can enter words or phrases that you want to be blocked from appearing in the chat during the streaming of your live event.Custom blocklist
    • Consider entering variations of the words you wish to block, so they cannot be easily circumvented.
  8. Under Event display settings, toggle on/off for what you want your viewers to be able to see. 
    • Viewers count: This is an aggregate count of total viewers during the Livestream Event.
    • Chat during Livestream: Choose whether to allow viewers to see the chat during the Livestream Event. If you toggle this off, the chat will be completely removed from the stream.
    • Chat during Replay: Choose whether to allow viewers to see the chat as it occurred during the Livestream Event in the Livestream Replay.
    • Allow Replay of Livestream once it has ended: Creates a Replay of your live event where you may allow users to rewatch the Livestream.
  9. You have the option to enable Private Messaging with Hosts/Moderators by selecting from the drop-down menu options: Disabled, Replay only, and Always on. Additionally, you can toggle on the feature to allow only private messaging during the replay of the Livestream Event.
  10. Select the Video Source for the Livestream Event. Use external media input instead of the Firework Camera App if you intend to film your Livestream using a third-party application/equipment.You can also select the Pre-recorded Video source if you wish to play your pre-recorded video for the livestreams
  11. Click on Choose a video and upload a file, you can upload up to 5gb.Once the video has been processed, you can select it to be used as your Prerecorded event video.
  12. Enable Live Transcription if you wish to have a real-time transcription during the live stream.
  13. Toggle on Chat Moderation to require approval of every comment in the chat. The moderator can decide what comments will appear. 
  14. Enable the Horizontal orientation option if you plan to upload a Horizontal pre-recorded video or conduct a livestream event in a horizontal format.
  15. To upload a trailer for your Livestream Event, click the cloud icon in the Event trailer box on the right side of the page.Event trailer
    • The video should be a 9x16 for vertical video.
    • The video should be a 1920 x 1080p for horizontal video.

14. After filling out all the necessary fields, click on 'Save & Update' button. Once the Livestream Event is generated, you can invite Co-hosts by clicking on 'View Co-Hosts'. Simply send an invitation via email to your Livestream Co-hosts, allowing them to start the livestream through their browser without needing an account.

After you end the Livestream event this will be recorded and a Replay will be created for you to use. 

Now you are ready to move onto the next steps where we will discuss Preparing for Your Livestream Event in the Business Portal.

You can edit a livestream event, including adding products and interactions, within the Business Portal up until the time you go live. (You can only add a simulcast up to five minutes before the start of the Livestream Event.)

Once your Livestream is created, you can add it to any relevant playlists in your Channel. Selecting the video from any playlists or from your channel overview will open the Livestream Overview page.

Missed your scheduled time to go live? You can go live for a livestream that you've set up up to 4.5 hours after the scheduled time.

If you don't go live within 4.5 hours after your scheduled livestream, then the event will automatically expire.