Barcode Scanner

Pin products on a Livestream event seamlessly using a bluetooth barcode scanner.

Note: In order for the barcode scanner to work properly, your products in the Firework Store must have a barcode associated with them.

Our experts recommend the 1100D 2D Portable Barcode Scanner.

Upon the set up your Livestream event, you'll be met with instructions for the Bluetooth scanner setup guide.

setup guide

  • Configure your Bluetooth scanner to BLE mode by scanning the QR code that comes with your manufacturing manual.
    BLE mode
  • Pair the scanner with the mobile device you wish to use the Firework Camera App on.
  • Ensure that the scanner has adequate charge and is working properly.
    • It's important that the scanner is on the charger when it's not being used.
  • Turn off the sleep timer by scanning the No Sleep QR code to ensure that the scanner doesn't turn off after a certain amount of time.
  • Once you pair the scanner with your device, you can scan the barcode on associated items and those items will be pinned on your Livestream event.