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Import Products from Your OMS to Your Firework Account

How to import your products from a third-party OMS to your Firework Business Portal

Batch Import Products

  1. Click the store for which you want to import products under the Stores header.
  2. Click Products.
  3. Click Batch Import.
    Import products from the store_-1
  4. Be sure to download and follow our sample template format to successfully import your products. Click Import via CSV or Import via Google XML to import your products from either a CSV or XML file. 
    Import sheet
  5. Check the box confirming that you'll be replacing any products in your Firework store with the same external id.
  6. Select the Store Currency that applies to your store.
  7. Enter an email address in the Importing progress email notification field so you may be notified once the import process is completed.
  8. Click Continue. Products will be imported shortly and appear in your Store. 

Need specific help for importing products from Shopify, Magento2, WooCommerce, BigCommerce or Adobe Commerce Cloud