Adobe Commerce Cloud Installation

Learn how to install our Firework extension and configure this within your Adobe Commerce Cloud.

Before continuing, ensure your configuration is set to Adobe Commerce Cloud.

Estimated time to set up::

  • 15 - 20 mins with an existing Magento and Firework account.
  • Requires developer work to install codebase.
    • Debug/Testing in environment = varies based on developer team.
  • App set up and install.

Estimated time to import products:

  • Times vary based on # of items being imported.

Note: These are estimates after reviewing the below steps. If you see yourself running into hurdles, then please reach out for assistance!

Install the Firework Extension in Magento

  1. Navigate to the Magento Marketplace (My Profile - Access Keys)  Paste the access keys in your auth.json file inside the Magento project. 
  2. Use the "composer require firework/firework" command to add the extension to your project.
    1. Please run the following commands to install codebase and database schemas: 
      php bin/magento setup:di:compile

       php bin/magento setup:upgrade

       php bin/magento setup:static-content:deploy -f

       php bin/magento indexer:reindex

       php bin/magento cache:clean

       php bin/magento cache:flush 
  3. Exit the command line interface and open your Administrator console for Magento 2.
  4. Navigate to the Store and then Configuration. If there is a new tab in the menu with the Firework Logo, it means you’ve installed the Firework extension correctly!Firework magento extension

NOTE: Do not modify the Endpoint URL in Webhook Configuration, it will be prefilled and modifying it will break the integration. 

To implement all changes on the storefront, the store admin needs to flush the cache each time settings and configurations are done.

Feel free to reach out to your Firework Account Manager if you need any assistance with the above! 

Configure the Firework Extension

Once the Firework Extension is installed, we need to ensure it is configured correctly to integrate with your stores. These steps need to be performed by a Magento store administrator.

  1. Navigate to System and then to Integrations, and select Add New Integration. Fill out the general information on the Integration and Save your changes.
  2. Select API from the left-hand navigation menu and allow access to the below features:
  • Cart
  • Catalog
  • Customers
  • Marketing
  • My Account
    configuration menu adobe cc

Now that you are configured, you are ready to move on to the next steps! 

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