Add Coupons to a Livestream/Digital Showroom

Learn how to add a coupon for your products in a Livestream or Digital Showroom.


  • Have a Firework Store with products configured and ready. 
  • You must have a coupon code ready beforehand for a customer to checkout on your website.

Selecting a Product to Insert a Deal:

  1. After setting up your Livestream or Digital Showroom event, navigate to Products.

  2. Select your Store and products. 
  3. Click on the three dots next to your product, then select "Add deal".
  4. Now Enter the Coupon code, Choose the type of Discount, Input the amount, and then click on the "Add" button to proceed. To make changes or remove the deal, simply click on the three dots option.

Note: We currently support a fixed or percentage based discount. 

How to Display the Deal:

  1. Pin a Product during the live event. You may use Assistant Mode to do so. 
  2. Once you pin a product that has a coupon linked to it, a copyable coupon code will be displayed within the pinned product to copy and use.

Note : Adding a deal is not available in the camera app.