Setup Your Firework Business Portal Account

Verify Your Account

  1. You should get an email with a link to verify your account like the one below.
  2. Click the button or use the link to bring you to the login page. You will need to sync your new login to another account (such as Facebook or Gmail) in order to access your account. 
Once your email is verified and your account is linked, you will be able to log in to Firework.

Log In

  1. Navigate to to get to the Firework home page.
  2. Click Log in at the top right of the screen next to the Get Started button. It will bring you to this login page.
    Screenshot 2023-01-06 at 9.58.40 AM
  3. Enter your email.
    • You'll be prompted to enter a verification code that is emailed to the email address that you used to log in, as part of 2-factor authentication.

If you sync your login to Google or Facebook, you should proceed past this without having to log-in. If you have cleared your cache and cookies, you will need to sign in again. 

Now you’re all set to start adding content to your Firework Business Portal, embedding that content to your website, and connecting it to your e-commerce stores.

Learn more about navigating the Business Portal, uploading content to the Business Portal, and connecting your e-commerce stores to your Firework account.