Product Drop

Learn how to reveal a product to your audience during a Livestream.


If you do not see this option below, please reach out to your Account Manager to help enable. 

Selecting a Product to Hide:

  1. After setting up your Livestream event, navigate to Products.

    Product drop access Products

  2. Select your Store and products. 
  3. Turn on the toggle for "Hide Items". By doing so, this product will be hidden and will not be visible until it is pinned during the Livestream event.change toggle

You have the flexibility to choose multiple products to hide and then reveal during your Livestream event. Please note that you can only pin up to three products at a time while conducting the Livestream.

Revealing a Product in Assistant Mode:

  1. As the assistant, click into Assistant Mode
  2. When ready to reveal the product to your audience, pin this hidden product via Assistant Mode. pin product reveal.v2
  3. A countdown starting from 3 seconds will show on screen and then reveal the product to your audience.Product drop countdown image

Additionally, we recommend leveraging a Banner Announcement to inform viewers about the upcoming product reveal.


  • The revealed item will display at that exact moment it was pinned in the replay.
  • Product Drop is not available in the camera app.