Preparing an Interactive Video

Learn how to successfully storyboard for your Interactive Video.

 Prepare Your Video, Generate an Idea:

A good story comes from a good storyboard. Draft some ideas to consider building content around and curating the selections to this content. 

Focus on a central narrative  that branches off into different layers in the story telling to help guide the viewer directly where they should be recommended to go from your website.

Some ideas may include:
  • Meet our founder and company mission
  • Get product advice or training from our team
  • See what other customers are saying about this product
  • Help pick a selection based on your interests
  • Search by category and explore our options

Map Out the Journey and Final Destinations:

Draft out what this looks like. We recommend forming a small storyboard like below to help map out the path of each questions and response. Also think about the type of content within each and what the user will get most from clicking the options.

Build the Journey:

Once the path is set and storyboard drafted, log into your Business Portal and start crafting the Journey. 

  1. Establish your Root Video, which is the first video your shoppers will engage with. 
  2. Create a question with supporting answers. 
  3. Link those answers to more supporting content and further qualification questions. 
  4. Build end journey being the last video, CTA or URL a shopper will encounter. 

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