One-to-One Virtual Shopping - Analytics FAQ


Updated 10.13.23

Do you have tracking and sales attribution?

  • Yes and yes. Assigned to the SA to track.  We will also supply a  Insights dashboard to showcase metrics as well. 

Can we capture customer feedback?

  • Yes, we offer a NPS survey at the end of the conversation for a visitor complete. This is available to view in your Insights. 

Can we capture missed caller email addresses?

  • Not today, but currently on the roadmap. 

How is sales data showcased in the business portal?

  • First,need to implement our tracking script. With each purchase we will be able to attribute the sales back on the SA and also we define the tracking window (whether 7-14 days for example) to ensure order is still tracked back to SA.

How and why should I block a Visitor?

  • If you notice a visitor is harassing or harming the call experience, then click onto the three dots above their name and select “Block User”

Am I able to export chat history? 

  • Not an option in the dashboard. We can share per legal reasons upon request. 

Do you record calls? Am I able to download this?

  • Yes. We can share per legal reasons upon request. 

To understand more on our tracking metrics, view our glossary.