Navigate the One-to-One Virtual Shopping Analytics Dashboard

Learn how to access and view your performance data for One-to-One Virtual Shopping.

In order to view the following metrics, you must have our Firework Tracking tag implemented. Please follow the instructions here if you have not done so. 

Viewing One-to-One Virtual Shopping Performance Metrics

  1. First, navigate to the Insights section within the 1:1;Video Chat workspace in the Business Portal.
    1to1 insights dashboard
  2. Data will populate below based on the date range selected at the top, which can be adjusted. You may also alter the "Timezone" with UTC being the default selection. Adjust date range in 1-1 analytics
  3. We have three types of report views to choose from. General metrics, Request Metrics, and Team Performance.Types of one to one reports
  4. Hovering a cursor over a box shows an option to enlarge the view. To export the dataset, click the three dots then select "Export".
    Hover over analytics box
  5. To download a PDF view of the full report, click Export Report.Export report

What Insight is Available to View?

For a detailed list of our One-to-One analytics and definitions, please view our One-to-One Virtual Shopping Analytics Glossary.