Leveraging the Firework Embed App in Shopify

Learn how to use the Firework Embed App for your Shopify Online Store

Before you get started, ensure you have integrated the Firework Shopify app into your Shopify Dashboard

  1. Go into your Shopify Online Store and then navigate to Themes. Click Customize to edit the Shopify page. gif - how to access theme Shopify
  2. Find a place on your Shopify page to add a Firework Playlist. Add a Section under the left hand navigation panel and use the Firework Embed App under Apps -or- click the blue + direct in the page view and add a Section, then select Firework Embed App.gif - Adding FW Embed App Shopify
  3. In order to embed a Firework Playlist, you'll need to collect the Channel ID and Playlist ID for the videos you'd like to display in your Shopify Page. Navigate to the Firework Business Portal and then click into the "Add to Playlist" button for the Playlist you'd like to use.
  4. Under Shopify, follow the steps to then copy the Channel ID and the Playlist ID. Input these in the Firework Embed App. You should see your videos populate shortly.

Additionally, you can customize your Layout, Hashtags, Thumbnail size, Player Placement, where to open videos in, and choose to display Picture-in-Picture in the Firework Embed App.