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Leveraging Metafields in Shopify

Learn how to utilize Metafields to auto-populate videos based on SKU.

  1. First, go into your Shopify, then click in the settings
  2. Click into Custom Data, then select Product.image-png-Jan-10-2024-11-58-21-3495-PM
  3. Add a Definition and enter in the following and then save:Edit definiton per metafield
    • SKU
    • custom.sku for description
    • Type Single line text
  4. Select a Product in Shopify, then enter in a value for the new Metafield SKU at the bottom (In this case you may enter in your SKU #) . Edit product sku per shopify
  5. Navigate back to your Firework Business portal, find a video to add this SKU, edit the Hashtag to enter in the SKU #, then Save. Edit sku per the Firework video
  6. In your Shopify website editor, add the Firework Embed App to one of your pages. Edit the Hashtag and select dynamic source as the new Metafield you created, SKU.dynamic sku on shopify page
  7. This will now auto populate with videos assigned to this SKU # and will apply across the template.

Ensure you are utilizing the same template across multiple product pages to fully leverage this embed option to dynamically switch videos based on product.