Insert a Widget and Firework Embed in BigCommerce

Learn the steps to set up your widget and embed a Firework Feed in your BigCommerce storefront.

Adding a New Widget

  1. Click into Widget Configuration.widget configuration BigCommerce
  2. Click on Add New Widget. This will expand the screen with a form to select the layout of the widget and the configuration options based on the layout type selected. Widget configurations BigCommerce
  3. Enter a name for your Widget and then click Save.  Once Saved, the widget will get created and you will be redirected to the Widget Configuration tab.
    1. Select Edit to update an already created widget.
    2. If you need to remove a widget, then select the red delete icon.widget configuration BigCommerce

Embed Firework Feed

  1. Go to the storefront menu on the left and select Themes. Select the "Customize" button on the currently active theme.
  2. Select the page where you wanted to embed the feed. Go to the Custom Widgets in the bottom of the page builder.
  3. Locate the custom widgets created via the plugin. Drag and drop the widget to the corresponding position.drag feed into BigCommerce