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Implementing the One-to-One Virtual Shopping Script

Learn how to implement our One-to-One Virtual Shopping Script on your website.


Prerequisite: If you do not see the One-to-One Workspace in the Business Portal, please reach out to your Customer Success Manager before completing the below.

One-to-One Virtual Shopping Script to Add

There are two scripts you need to copy into your HTML per your website.

  1. For the One-to-One widget to display (to click and engage in a conversation), please configure this widget script to the <head> of your website:
    <fw-live-helper style="z-index:9007199254740991; position:fixed"></fw-live-helper>
  2. For the video call/chat to travel across the site and its pages, please configure this script to the <head> on your website:
    <script async src="https://asset.fwcdn3.com/js/live-helper.js" data-fwparam_chat_channel_id="[ChatChannelId]"></script>
    1. Replace the [ChatChannelID] above with your business portal 1:1 channel ID. This can be found in the URL. 
  3. Add Tracking Script. Please follow the instructions here.

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