Integrate Firework with WooCommerce

Integrating WooCommerce with your Firework Account

WooCommerce is a shop plugin for WordPress Websites. We will cover how to integrate the Firework App into WooCommerce and then how to add a Firework Embed to your Wordpress website. 

Estimated time to set up::

  • 15 - 20 mins with an existing WooCommerce and Firework account
  • App set up and install

Estimated time to import products:

  • Times vary based on # of items being imported.

Note: These are estimates after reviewing the below steps. If you see yourself running into hurdles, then please reach out for assistance!

In order to configure firework to use your WooCommerce products and the shopping cart, you’ll need to download the Web Stories by Firework plugin to your Wordpress site as well.

  1. In your Wordpress Dashboard, click Plugins on the left-hand navigation menu, and then click Add New.
    plug ins woocommerce HC
  2. In the search bar type Firework, and select Web Stories by Firework. The plugin should be from LoopNow Technologies. Use the Install Now button to install the plugin. Then use the Activate button to activate it.
    install firework Woocommerce Duda
  3. Approve the connections that Firework needs to properly utilize your store.
  4. Then approve the plugin’s request to access your Firework Account.
    apprvoe duda access Woocommerce HC
  5. Then select your Firework Business from the list. You may only have one. 
    enable FW access woocommerce HC
  6. Once installed Firework should be an available option in your left-hand navigation menu. This will open an embedded version of your Firework Business Portal within your WordPress website. 
  7. This page will default to your store. The Products tab will include any imported products already. But the Import Products tab will list all the products that you have in your WooCommerce store. 
    store woocomerce HC
  8. You can select the Import link at the right of the product to import it into your Firework store.

How to add a Firework Embed to your Wordpress website. 

  1. Open the Page Editor, then select the location you would like to put the Firework embed. Click edit on the Wordpress page you would like to add the Firework embed. 
    page editor woocommerce HC
  2. Click the + button to add a new block and then search for Firework. Click on the result. 
    adding fw embed woocommerce HC
  3. Choose the Channel and find the Playlist you wish to add. Select your layout and click Done. Your Firework embed will now appear. embed playlist option woocommerce