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Get Started with Programmatic Demand

Firework uses the IMA SDK which makes enabling programmatic demand including both pre-roll and interstitial video ads within your Firework player integrations quick and seamless.

Enable Programmatic Demand

  1. Provide a VAST tag to Firework.
    Note: Firework configures VAST tags on the Firework Backend Server.
  2. Configure the campaign inside your ad-server targeting against the VAST tag provided.

Video Ad is live!

Good to know: 

  • You have the option to run pre-roll as well as interstitial ads at a desired frequency (every 3 videos is the most common). If needed, you can provide different VAST tags for pre-roll and interstitials.
  • When you have IAB TCF v2.0 registered with CMP on your site, the IMA SDK automatically detects its presence and populates the consent setting in your VAST ad tag as it directly interacts with the CMP API.
  • We do support Google IMA SDK for programmatic demand.

  • Our sticky video player always starts out as an in-page video player that is not sticky.

  • As the user scrolls the page, the Firework video player transitions from playing in the in-page video player to playing in a sticky video player, which remains in view as the user scrolls the page.

  • We recommended a floating player size of at least 144x256 pixels, that's the minimum allowed size in order to run programmatic demand from Google.

  • The in-page video player is fully viewable on the page before transitioning to the sticky video player.

  • The ad will only begin playing only when at least 50% of the pixels in the player are visible in the viewport and stops playing when fewer than 50% of the pixels in the player are visible in the viewport unless the user has interacted with the play button in the video ad controls.

Firework protects advertiser values and complies with all Google Publisher policies.

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