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Ads Behavior

Learn how our ads display in a Firework Player and what implementation to use.

In-Feed Ad
Ad displayed as thumbnails within the Carousel next to the videos. We can define the position(s) for the ad(s) and if they will autoplay.in feed ad imagePre-Roll Ad
An ad that plays before the content the user has selected to watch.preroll add image
Interstitial Ads
Ad that plays between content when the user is watching in fullscreen mode.inerstitial ads image

Player Implementation - What Should I Use?

Carousel is great for driving engagement, content discovery, and traffic recirculation.

  • It is ideal for direct-sold, native ad campaigns, as this innovative ad type places hoverplay thumbnails in the carousel.

However, as it is a click-to-play experience, it’s not the ideal player implementation for programmatic monetization. See an example below. 

Carousel Example Gif

For programmatic demand, especially preroll, we recommend Storyblock as it autoplays and is immediately interactive.

  • This means a pre-roll will run as soon as the player is in view and does not require a click.

Beyond ads, Storyblock is a good way to drive views for marquee content or high-priority action. See an example below.


Note: Both player types may be used on a single page. Both have different but very compelling use cases. For example, some publishers take a device-specific approach, opting for a carousel on desktop and storyblock on mobile, as it takes the full size of the screen. 

To see what is currently supported between Native Ads and Programmatic Demand Ads, see Types of Ads We Support - Native vs.  Programmatic .