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Types of Ads We Support - Native vs. Programmatic

We will cover the differences between Native and Programmatic Demand Ads

There are two types of Ads you can deliver with Firework:

Native Ads

For direct sold campaigns, Firework offers the opportunity to sell Native vertical-video ads.

Good to Know:

Native Ads offer your advertisers the full Firework video experience including call-to-action buttons, polls, question cards, and product cards with shoppable functionality. These features are only possible because Firework is transcoding and hosting all the Video Ad assets.

Native Ad example

Programmatic Demand Ads:

Firework uses the IMA SDK which makes enabling programmatic demand including both pre-roll and interstitial video ads within your Firework player integrations quick and seamless. 

Good to Know:

You have the option to run pre-roll as well as interstitial ads at a desired frequency (every 3 videos is the most common). If needed, you can provide different VAST tags for pre-roll and interstitials.

When you have IAB TCF v2.0 registered with CMP on your site, the IMA SDK automatically detects its presence and populates the consent setting in your VAST ad tag as it directly interacts with the CMP API. 

programmatic ad example

For a visual of what is currently supported between Native Ads and Programmatic Demand Ads, see below!

Ads Matrix - Native vs. Programmatic (1)

Note: Firework can set tag priorities for you using a waterfall implementation. Please let us know if you need multiple tags placed and if this is required.