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Add a Video Interaction to Your Short Videos

Learn how to add a video interaction to further engage with your shoppers.

Once you have uploaded a short video, you are ready to engage with your shoppers via a Video interaction

Adding a Video Interaction

  1. Select a short video then click Edit. In the edit screen, you should see the   "Interactions" displayed on the left side of the video. Screen Recording 2024-05-03 at 6-23-56 PM-gif
  2. Select one of the following options:Interaction Types
    1. Product card =  You can include product information for products included in your Firework store. The viewer can then add the product directly to their cart and purchase it all within this product card. 
    2. Button (CTA link) = This is one way to encourage your customers to interact with your video. Select from list of call to action in the drop-down menu. Insert a link in the Insert link field and then redirect the viewer to that URL.
    3. Poll =  Enter the poll question in the Your question here box followed by entering the answer choices in each Choice box (e.g., Choice 1, Choice 2). Click +Add Choice to add up to five total choices. 
    4. Question card = Type in a question you want to ask the viewers and collect their responses. You can also toggle the Collect responder's email button to ON to prompt the viewer to enter their email address after answering your question. To view the results, see "View Results" under Interaction Data.

3. After selecting an interaction option and adding it, it will appear on the left side of the video. For instance, if you select the product Interaction and add products to it, the Interaction name and selected products will be displayed.

Interactions displayed after selecting

4. To remove the interaction, simply click on the delete icon.

5. Once your choice is made and updated, click Save & Update at the video level to show the video interaction.