Simulcast your Livestream with the Firework Camera App

Learn how to set up and simulcast to social media platforms through the Firework Camera App.

Before continuing below, ensure you have downloaded the Firework Camera App

  1. Open the Firework Camera App and navigate down to Your Content.                      Your Content
  2. Click the blue + at the top right to open a drop down menu. Select Create a Livestream Event. Fill out the necessary details including Event Title, Event Date & Time, Cover Image, Custom Blocklist, Hashtags, and Event Display Settings. Create LS Event
  3. Click Post to finish creating the Livestream Event.Fill Out Details
  4. Scroll down to the Multi Stream tab and select. From here, you'll see the list of social media platforms. Click into the one you'd like to simulcast to. This will ask for the Stream URL and Stream Key, which you can acquire from the Social Media platform you are simulcasting to.

    Select Multi-stream
  5. Click Create to enable.
    Enter Stream Key & Server URL
  6. Your Livestream Simulcast will now be set up and you are ready to Go Live!
  • For help setting up a simulcast via Facebook see here.
  • For help setting up a simulcast via Youtube see here
  • For help setting up a simulcast via Instagram see here

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