SDK iOS Updates

Read about the most recent iOS SDK updates


SDK iOS v1.18.0

  • Introduction of the Replay badge icon, also known as the "Recorded" tag, for replays. Users now have the flexibility to toggle this feature on and off at their discretion.
  • Countdown Timer feature has been enhanced to include a "Remind Me" functionality. This enables our valued customers to seamlessly integrate important events into their calendars, ensuring they never miss a scheduled live session.

SDK iOS v1.16.0

  • Optimization of thumbnail image fetching
  • Implementation of a player wrap to prevent potential retain cycles that may occur when integrating with various SDK delegates
  • Empowering the host app with the ability to pause the player before video playback begins

SDK iOS v1.15.0

  • Users can now show a logo in place of the ellipsis button on the player
  • Product card is almost completely customizable 
  • SDK will now hide the price based on the setting in biz portal
  • View count can now be disabled based on the setting in biz portal

SDK iOS v1.14.0

  • Dropped support for iOS 12
  • UI updates to make video details options look more symmetric when only one item is in the options
  • Adjusted the way our feed is constrained to better support our feed being used in Swift UI. 
  • Fixed an image fetching issue reported by Afterpay

SDK iOS v1.13.0

  • New play/pause API to allow host app programmatic control over player playback
  • Announcement banners
  • Continual improvements to the PDP screen 

SDK iOS v1.12.0

  • New Product Card design Product Card in short video
  • Presenting a fresh product detail page with improved visuals and functionalities.
  • Offering an API to easily configure StoryBlock for seamless integration.
  • Empowering users to customize the images of full-screen player buttons for a personalized touch
  • Providing the capability to define custom navigation handling when tapping on a product card
  • Introducing an API to toggle the visibility of the video title on the detail section page, enhancing user control.
  • Introducing a new content source for single video or livestream, enriching Video Feed and Storyblock

SDK iOS v1.11.0

  • Gracefully handle up to 'hard' load test during live stream
  • Support custom handling the cart icon click event by host app developers
    • When users click the cart icon, SDK can deliver the click event to the host apps and allow the host app developers to custom handle the event
  • Send WebSocket Channel connects and disconnects to diagnostics
  • Ability to set single video id as source in Storyblock on Mobile SDKs
  • Ad configuration Implementation “Kill Switch”
  • Supports opening the video player in full-screen mode and enabling PiP(including the floating player)
    • support opening the video player in full-screen mode and enabling PiP(including the floating player)
  • Update the button state and request the configuration update when the shopping CTA action is none
  • Adding Poll in Short Videos
  • Update AV Player
  • Mute Button Parity Issues
  • SKU Feed Query
  • Release IVS liv for SDK v.1.10
  • Release Agora supporting lib


SDK iOS v1.10.0

  • Implement Initial Player Layout
  • Traffic Source Tracking
  • Fullscreen+Impressions+creative_view (VAST) 
  • ‘Select Replay’ feature being reflected on SDK
      • 'Select Replay' feature in FW dashboard allows us to choose from which moment users will see the video being played when opening the stream.
      • Mainly used to cut off beginning of stream when there is a countdown/waiting
  • Add IVS supporting library to Package.swift
      • Add IVS supporting library within the new package
      • Automation continues to work
  • Add GAM supporting library to Package.swift
      • Add GAM supporting library within the new package
      • Automation continues to work
  • ADD IMA supporting library to Package.swift
      • Add IMA supporting library within the new package
      • Automation continues to work
  • Replace Existing CTA for Short Videos
      • Replaces existing CTA button with a bigger (“full” width) CTA button 
  • Agora v0.4.1
      • Latest Agora supporting lib
  • User Engagement Tracking
      • Track users Last Engagement
  • Update IVS Player supporting lib
    • Send Player error events during live streams
    • Send Player buffering ratio to diagnostics
    • Send Player resolution to diagnostics
    • Send video startup time to diagnostics

SDK iOS v1.9.0


  • ChatUX Changes -
    • Collapsed and Expand Modes for the Chat
    • Lighter gradient in the background 
    • Missed messages button 
    • Messages fading out on the top of chat 
  • Better UI support for smaller Storyblock implementations
  • Easier integration of supporting libraries
  • Hashtag Playlist
  • Bug Fixes

SDK iOS v1.8.0

  • WCAG Phase 2 Release
      • The purpose is to help with all the Accessibility issues related to our iOS SDK
  • Shop Now Feature
      • With our current Product Card, once a user clicks on Product card instead of just “Add to Cart” CTA will give them the option to change text to say “Shop Now” 
      • Once clicked, along with the product variant details, Shop Now Call To Action Button is visible
      • Applies to both Livestream and Short Videos
  • Click Handler
    • Allows the host app to redirect the user to the app page for the product upon clicking the link icon next to Add to Cart button on Product Cards
        • Product ID
        • Unit ID
        • The associated URLThe handler should provide the product object for the host app to get the URL or product ID for navigating to the product page
  • Make URLs Clickable
      • Makes URLs sent in a chat by moderator/in pinned messages clickable
      • Users will be redirected to the link rather than having to copy and paste the link
      • A regular user who posts a link will not be clickable
      • Only links sent by moderator will be clickable 
  • iOS Agora Supporting Library for SDK is now live and public


SDK iOS v1.7.0


  • Updated Firework Branding on our SDK
  • Add ability to programmatically enter floating player
    • The user can navigate towards product details and checkout page without missing the video being played
    • Gives users an API that they can use to be able to enter floating player


  • Add minimum ADA updates for Player
    • Compliance for people with special disabilities
    • Added navigate “next” and “previous” video using buttons that point right and left
  • Hide link Next to Add to Cart Button
    • Allows users to hide the link next to the Add to Cart functionality
    • When link is hidden, the button will fill the available space
    • The SDK has a configuration that will hide this link regardless if a link exists or not
    • Customer can configure if this link is visible with the configuration
    • The configuration defaults to be visible


SDK iOS v1.6.0

  • Improved Floating Player Support - Improvement of our API that allows our partners to enable floating player/ PiP with a single flag. The SDK does all the resource management for them
  • CTA highlight delay configuration - The Player has a new configuration that allows the developer to specify how long before the button becomes fully visible
  • Floating Player improvements and Bug fixes