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Safe Zone Specifications for Firework Videos

It's important to follow the 'safe zone' guidelines below for your videos to ensure that important parts of your video, such as the title and brand logo, aren't obscured by video controls, buttons, or product cards.

    Livestream   720x1280 - v2    

      Livestream Guideline          Short Video Guideline         


  • Vertical: 9:16 ≥720*1280px 
  • Vertical: 4:5 ≥633*375px

For Video Interactions:

We recommend avoiding text within the video that can potentially be hidden behind the interactions. We've added the below dimensions to consider when uploading with a interaction (Interactions currently are locked in place and unable to move in the player).

Short Video 

Product: 720x166                   CTA: 720x72                               Poll: 692x300


Question: 720x95

*Above based on 620x1280px

Horizontal Specifications

Horizontal sizing

Short Video Dimensions

Horizontal : 16:9 ≥ 1280*720px

 Single Video with interaction - 1280*110

Horizontal Livestream: