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Measure Ads Monetization Performance

To enable Firework to review monetization performance and help guide in optimizations, we recommend sharing daily reports from your Google Ad Manager account.

Please send a daily CSV report to publisherteam@fireworkhq.com.

We recommend including the following settings:

  1. Report type: Historical
  2. Name: PublisherName_Firework, e.g.: site.com_Firework
  3. Date Rage: Dynamic, Last 30 days
  4. Dimensions:
    • Date
  5. Metrics:
    • Total Ad Requests
    • Total Impressions
    • Unfilled Impressions
    • Total Clicks
    • Total CTR
    • Total CPM, CPC, CPD, and vCPM revenue
    • Total average eCPM
    • Completion rate
    • Total error count
  6. Total error rate
    • As well as each error column in case troubleshooting is required.
  7. Schedule: Daily
  8. File format: CSV
  9. Recipientes: publisherteam@fireworkhq.com