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Manage "Native" Direct campaigns using Google Ad Manager

Learn how to set-up a video asset and link to Google Ad Manager.


For direct sold campaigns, Firework offers the opportunity to sell Native vertical-video ads. Native Ads offer advertisers the full Firework video experience including call-to-action buttons, polls, question cards, and product cards with shoppable functionality. These features are only possible because Firework is transcoding and hosting all the Video Ad assets.

Enable a Native Direct Campaign

  1. Provide a VAST tag to Firework.
    Note: Firework configures VAST tags on the Firework Backend Server.
  2. Upload a video asset to (or create a video asset in) Business Portal and grab the Video ID.
  3. Store the video ID in GAM.
Video Ad is live!

Set-up a Campaign

The process of setting up a campaign using Google Ad Manager and Native Ads is similar to trafficking a regular Video Pre-Roll Ad, when the video asset is being hosted by Google Ad Manager.

  1. Create an order and its line items on Google Ad Manager.
  2. Log in to the Firework Business Portal and upload the video asset inside the appropriate channel.
    1. Under the channel, click on the Add Content button.
    2. Click Upload Video.Creating_a_new_video_AdobeExpress
    3. A new screen would appear to enter in the video details.Adding a new short video_hc image
    4. Click on Click to upload.
    5. Add a Video Overlay (Product card, CTA, Question card or Poll) and enter in the remaining video details. Be sure to select Ad in the dropdown under Badge, which will showcase a Sponsored text at the top right indicating this is an advertisement. 
    6. Click Create. 
  3. Return to the video’s detail page within the Firework Business Portal to retrieve the Video ID. In our example below, the Video ID is gdGXA8. 
    Note: All Video IDs are case-sensitive.Video ID Image_hc2
  4. Navigate to Google Ad Manager, add a new creative for the video line item  previously created and select the first option, which would be the following:google ad manager video ad image
  5. Add a name to the new VAST creative.
  6. Select the option Ad Manager Hosted, and upload any video file. 
    Note: It can be a 1-second video with a black screen as a placeholder. The video we are going to run will match the Firework Video ID uploaded on the Business Portal.
  7. Now, we can add a custom parameter (FireworkVideoId=) under the field "Custom parameters (optional)," located in the "Advanced Settings" section. The parameter FireworkVideoId= must be added along with the Video ID grabbed from the Business Portal.

fireworkvideoid= image

    1. In our example above, the value which was added to the Custom parameters (optional) field was FireworkVideoId=gdGXA8. Appending any value to the "Custom parameters (optional) field", allows us to append a custom VAST extension to the VAST response. Google Ad Manager will return a XML tag called "<AdParameters>" that contains all custom VAST elements. A sample XML response from a VAST tag from Google Ad Manager is provided below. sample code VAST
All tracking events and video metrics as well as regular reporting would fall under the Google Ad Manager reporting, just like any other regular video campaign.

View our VAST response example with FireworkVideoID included for extra guidance. 

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