Manage Video Content in the Firework Camera App

Leverage the same functionality that's in the Business Portal all in one place -- the Firework Camera App.

Video Management Options

  1. Open the Firework Camera App.
  2. Tap the Your Content tab in the bottom-left corner of the screen to begin managing your videos. 

**Available with iOS and Android. 

Create and Upload Content

  1. Tap the Plus Icon in the upper-right corner to choose an option:
    • Go Live
    • Create Playlist
    • Upload a Short Video
    • Create a Short Video
    • Create Livestream Event
    • Simulcast Livestream Event on Social Media

menu with arrow

Manage Content

You can manage the following in the Firework Camera App:
    • Playlists
    • Livestream events
    • Filter and search your content
    • Edit video metadata

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Track Engagement

  1. Tap View Insights in the details section of any video to review engagement metrics. 



Note: All changes in the Business Portal will flow seamlessly to and from your Camera App.