Real-Time Subtitles

Learn How to Add Real-Time Subtitles to Your Livestream Event.


Note: Real-Time Subtitles is currently only available for English streams.

To add subtitles/closed captioning to your Livestream event:

  1. Toggle the Live Transcription button to On in the Livestream Event setup page.
    Real Time Subtitles 1
  2. After creating your event, embed the Livestream on your webpage.
  3. After you are live, the audience can toggle subtitles On/Off by selecting the 3 dots at the top left of the livestream, followed by Enable/Disable Subtitles.
    rts2rts 3
  4. You will notice that subtitles now appear at the top of the Livestream event.

    rts final
  5. Following the completion of your event, you can also add subtitles to your replays by selecting Edit on the Livestream and uploading a .vtt file on the video.

    Subtitles Final