Leverage a Showroom giveaway

Learn how to setup a giveaway for a viewer to win a prize.



  1. To begin, you need to find your Digital Showroom or Livestream and then select  Interactions. 

  2. Select Add Interactions followed by Giveaway.

  3. Setup the Giveaway by giving it a Name, Description, and adding a link to the Terms & Conditions (if applicable). Select Save.

  4. After saving your giveaway, go back to the main overview of your showroom event. Click on the recordings and choose your digital showroom from the options by clicking on the three dots and then selecting 'view'.

  5.  From the Assistant Mode, click on Interactions and then click on Launch for the Giveaway to appear. 

  6. Once the Giveaway is launched, viewers will see a prompt on their screen inviting them to participate in the Giveaway by entering in their email.

  7. When ready to end the Giveaway, click on Draw winner to randomly select one participant from the list of entrants. A spinning wheel will appear and the winner’s name will be displayed on the screen. 

  8. To view the winner, exit the assistant mode and return to the Interactions section. Here, you can view the details of the winner by clicking on the giveaway interaction. You can also click on the download option to save the email ids and usernames of the participant's responses.


  • Only one winner will display in the spinning wheel. In the event that winner does not accept the prize, there are 10 backup winners selected. 
  • Giveaways will not appear in the replay.