Interactive Video FAQ

Frequently asked questions to understand building an Interactive Short Video.

Can the starting video (Root Video) for an interaction journey be a livestream or is it always a short video?

  • Short Video only.

Can I reuse a Short video for the Root Video that is a part of another journey?

  • No. You must use a unique video per each journey. What you can do is duplicate a previously used video to then used that duplicated video. 

Can we lead to a regular livestream or showroom livestream (replay) from an interactive video flow?

  • Currently only short videos, but we will look into adding Livestreams, Digital Showroom, One-to-One and other options in the future.

I see we can use a storyblock or a floating player in the embed options, but can I use an Interactive Video in a carousal?

  • Yes, you would need to find the interactive journey (Root Video) in your videos in the business portal channel, then add to your playlist.