Inserting an Announcement into your Livestream or Replay

Learn how to set up an Announcement to show during your Livestream and Replay.

We have added this functionality for Firework Livestreams and Replay, which allows you to showcase a running banner of text at the top of our video player for your audience to view!  This creates another level of engagement where you can share messages like upcoming Livestream Events, product drop information, or discount codes to your viewers.

Creating an Announcement:

  1. First, create a Livestream Event in the Business Portal. Then navigate down to Announcements. Click open this view and then you can see a field to enter in text. 
  2. Click Edit and then enter in your text to display in the Announcement. Announcement_Tutorial_AdobeExpress

Note: You can only have one Announcement at a time. You may go back and change this Announcement as many times as you'd like during a Livestream or Replay!

How to view the Announcement:

As a viewer, you can see the Announcement appear at the top of the video which will display and repeat the text shown. Announcement_Customer View

Note: Banners can be viewed only and are not clickable. 

Inserting an Announcement with Assistant Mode

  1. As the moderator, you'll click into Assistant Mode on your Livestream Event. 
  2. At the top right is a speaker symbol. Click this and a window will open up to insert the Announcement.
  3. You may enter in your text which will display at the top, as well as click back into this section if you need to update or add a new Announcement. 

Announcement_asssistant mode_gif