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How to Setup a Horizontal Showroom or Livestream Event

Learn the steps needed to present a Livestream/Showroom Horizontally.

1.   Create a new Showroom and toggle on Horizontal Orientation.  Click Create when finished.

Horizontal Showroom toggle

2.  Be sure to upload a Horizontal Trailer (found within the livestream event edit options) and a Horizontal Poster.  If none are selected, then the standard Firework poster will display. Add horizontal poster and trailer

  • Sizing requirements =  16:9 1920 x 1080p

If you plan to showcase the livestream/showroom in a playlist, we suggest including a vertical poster too.

3.   Select Go live using an external resources, then enter in the Stream Key and Stream URL into your external media. When ready to go live, start streaming from your external media and click Go Live in the Business Portal. Be sure to end your streams once finished! Go Live view horizontal

Looking for an external streaming media or are already leveraging OBS? See more around OBS steps here.