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Learn how to utilize Hashtags within the Business Portal

Hashtags can be used as filtering option to search for videos in a large video library. Add hashtags to videos and use the search bar to filter by hashtags to easily organize and find specific videos.

You can only edit Hashtags on videos that you own. If a video that you own is used in a different channel, it will not be editable in that channel. You’ll need to navigate to the home channel of that video to make hashtag edits.

Add Hashtags

  1. In the Firework Business Portal, select the three dots on the top right of your video and then select Edit to Edit your Hashtags.
  2. From there, add up to 10 Hashtags at a time for your video. If you add multiple Hashtags, be sure to separate them with a comma and press ENTER when you are done adding them. Select Save & Update.Hashtags Gif
  3. Add Hashtags in Bulk
  4. Once your Hashtags have been added, you can use the Search Bar to filter by Hashtags and find selected videos. Enter your Hashtag in the search bar, select Hashtags from the drop down menu, and then press Enter. The videos that you have added that Hashtag to, will appear below.  Hashtags 2

Remove Hashtags

  1. Select the three dots on the top right of your video and select Edit to Edit Hashtags.
  2. From there, select the x next to your Hashtag to remove it from the video and then select Save & Update.
    Hashtags 2
  3. Once the Hashtags are removed, you will not be able to filter by Hashtags to find selected videos.
  4. Remove Hashtags in Bulk