GMV Performance Across Channel in Overall Short Video Dashboard

Learn how to view GMV metrics performance comparisons in your dashboard.

Note:  This is relevant if you are on our Pilot or Starter plans.. 

Navigate to the Performance Dashboard Section:

  1. Under Video, navigate to Insights
  2. Under Short Videos, navigate to the Performance view. 
    AB Testing Dashboard
  3. In this view, you will see:
    1. Currency
    2. GMV from Firework Influenced Sales = Sales tracked from a user that viewed a Firework player / widget.
    3. Average Order Value (AOV) = Daily trend of Firework influenced AOV compared with non-Firework influenced AOV.
    1. Conversion Rate - Firework Influenced = Visitors who viewed the Firework video in interactable engaged mode and went ahead and made a purchase within 30 days. The uplift is measured against non-Firework conversion rate.
      1. Non-Firework conversion Rate = Visitors who browsed the website but never viewed the Firework player, and then went ahead and made a purchase within 30 days.
    2. GMV From Firework Video Influenced Sales (Daily Summary) = One trend line shows the actual GMV amount that is Firework influenced. The other trend line shows what % of overall GMV from that website.