Create Short Video Clips from Your Livestream

Learn how to create short video clips from your Livestream event and create a Studio template from a short video clip

  1. Select the 3 dots at the top of a Livestream clip and then select Create Short Clip.
    Create Short Clip
  2. When you select Create Short Clip, each moment from your Livestream that a Product was Pinned AND Unpinned, will appear. If you did not pin a Product on a livestream, you can still create a Short Clip from your Livestream Event.
  3. Simply select which product clip you want to turn into a Short Video.You have the option to select any clip from the created Product Clips (up to 60 seconds). Once you have selected your Short Video Clip, click Select.
  4. From there, select which portion of the clip you want to turn into a Short Video by using the meter below your video.
  5. Finally, fill out the details of your Short Video and then select Publish.
  6. It can take up to 5 minutes for the Short Video to appear in your Channel but you will see your new Short Video under the All Videos section of the Business portal.

Create a Studio Template from a Livestream:

This can be used to:

    1. Promote the event
    2. Use it as a trailer (before event starts)
    3. Highlight the event (post event)


  1. Select the 3 dots at the top of the video and then select Import as Media in FW Studio. The Video will be imported into the Studio.

You can only import a short video OR an already created Clip from your Livestream event. If you want to utilize a video from your Livestream event, be sure that you follow the above steps to create a Clip.

     2. Select Add Content and then select FW Studio.

    Studio gif

     3. From there, you can scroll through the templates and select your desired Layout.

     4. Once you have chosen your desired layout, select Edit.

     5. Navigate to the Media tab where you can replace the existing template with your             chosen Livestream video clip by dragging and dropping it on the template. It will ask        if you want to Replace or Add on Top.

     6. Once you have made your desired changes to the template, select the Publish                 button where you will then be asked to create a Caption, add Hashtags, create a               Poster, add CTA button and determine the Visibility.

     7. Finally, select Create and your video will be imported into the Business Portal.

    Studio Clip