Add the Firework Analytics Tracking

Firework provides a way to attribute tracking events, such as "checkout" and "purchase," with additional properties like value and products. In order to do so, we recommend you add our Embed Analytics Script Tag to your websites! 

Why are we requesting this? 

  1. With this new tag, Firework can do better analysis on your videos and checkout experiences which in return will help improve performance. 
  2. As a result, you will get a more complete picture of user activities and conversions! 

Embed Analytics Tracking with Shopify

With the latest Firework app in Shopify, you do not need explicitly do any steps for implementing purchase tracking. The purchase tracking code is integrated automatically when the Firework app is installed in Shopify.

If you have previously added the Firework purchase tracking snippet under your Order Status Page, we recommend removing that as updating to the latest Shopify app version will add the tracking code automatically.