Add a Secondary CTA

Learn how to configure a secondary CTA per your Short Videos and Livestreams.


  • Firework store is configured.
  • Admin or Member access to the products to edit. 

Adding a Secondary CTA:

  1. Navigate to your Firework Store.
  2. Select a product then click the edit iconEdit icon.Edit Custom CTA option 
    Note: Once a custom CTA is selected, this will appear in the list of products under "Custom CTA". This will also display the primary CTA (more on this below). 
  3. Navigate down the edit screen until you see CTA Button.
    1. Clicking on the "Primary" drop down menu allows you to select from Default, meaning we use the standard CTA configured on the product being the PDP URL location. Or you can select a different CTA option from the list provided
    2. Clicking on the "Secondary" dropdown and select from the list of CTA's. 

      Gif - Edit the CTAs 
      Note: To select a secondary CTA, the primary must be set to Default.  If "None" is selected then the secondary CTA will not appear. 
  4. Click Save to continue and these options will now display. 

If you are using our Firework Apps to integrate your OMS into Firework (meaning you are importing and syncing products from your OMS), then you will only be able to edit the "hide price" and "custom CTA option". 

How this displays:

Once an option is selected for the Custom CTA, this will appear below your primary CTA button.

Secondary CTA live example

Displays on both Short Videos and Livestreams.

  • For Short Videos, ensure you have a product card selected for your short video. 
  • For Livestreams, ensure you are using a Product Card for the primary selection for this to appear.